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Welcome to MedicaTour

MedicaTour is a medical tourism facilitator in Honduras, committed to the health and welfare of their clients. We have the best surgeons and doctors in the country using the latest technologies and innovative procedures at competitive prices with unsurpassed personalized service.

Honduras, a paradise that will make you smile.

Why Honduras? We are a country with everything

Our prices

Prices much lower than in USA and Canada, with the international quality standards.


Prefessional Doctors and accredited dentist by the most prestigious universities of Honduras , the United States and Latin America.


Edge technology at the service of patients.


Aerial proximity and conections with daily flights from North Amarica and Canada to Honduras.

We offer

The most beautiful beaches of white sand with the biggest reef of America and second in the world, arqueology, nature and adventure, alive cultures and colonial heritage….. !! Honduras every thing is here.

VIP Service

Personalized service and to the measure of our customers with a VIP attention during your stay.

We Offer Reliable Services

MedicaTour is the first and only accredited medical tourism and wellness in Honduras facilitator, certified by the MTA (Medical Tourism Association). Our experience and professionalism, as well as partnerships with clinics and hospitals supported by the Medical College of Honduras and certification process by JCI (Joint Commission International), who have specialized in the best universities and hospitals in Latin doctors; all this to ensure our customers seeking procedures latest technology, the security of being in good hands made. Medicaltour also offers its experience and expertise as a Tour Operator with tailor made for customers that include packages: bilingual guide, food, transportation and VIP treatment that differentiates us.

Dental Services
Preventive Medical
Holiday Packages
Dental Services

We offer a comfortable alternative to the high cost of dental services in the US, Canada and Latin America, maintaining international standards of quality and safety, as we have a world-class staff of professional, internationally accredited, the…

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Preventive Medical

The goal of preventive check is to verify the health of the patient, and detecting any problems before symptoms appear to provide timely treatment. A detection can save your life. Preventive health check is a interal patient…

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Holiday Packages

Our customers in addition to medical and dental procedures, visiting Honduras enjoy a pleasant experience organized by tourism experts, unforgettable tours of sites of historical and cultural interest, cultural heritage of humanity from the archaeological ruins of…

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Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest health news and activities of our center

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